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TRAVEX Exhibition

16 – 18 January 2019
QNEPEC Exhibition Hall | Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam

  • To facilitate your online registration process and hosting consideration, please ensure that you have the relevant business information and documentation to support your application. The more accurate information you provide, the quicker your application will be processed for you to be able to move on to the next step in your qualification.
  • Submission of application is not a confirmation of hosting.
  • All registrations are subject to validation and approval by the TRAVEX Secretariat and the Host Committee.


  • Entry to exhibition hall
  • Entry to media briefings by ASEAN member countries and the Tourism Ministers Press Conference
  • Entry to all official TRAVEX functions and events, including the ASEAN Tourism Conference, except those exclusive to exhibitors and buyers only
  • Airport transfers to and from Ha Noi International Airport and Ha Long Bay at stipulated dates and timings.
  • Complimentary local coach transfers from official hotels to exhibition venue and official events / functions.
  • Complimentary pre-event and post-event city tours (subject to availability on a first-come-first-served basis)
  • Special rates to post-event tours


Media Badge

  • Only bona fide editors, journalists, writers, TV/radio presenters and other editorial representatives will be admitted as “Media” or Media delegates. Accompanying photographers and broadcast camera/sound crew may also be admitted as Accredited Media and registered on-site.
  • Publishers, sales, marketing, advertising and public relations agency personnel (including consultants) may not use media accreditation to gain entry to the show or official functions. If discovered, they will be asked to leave the premises and the Media badge will be confiscated. The organisers reserve the right to refuse accreditation or admission to ATF TRAVEX without explanation. (A valid business card should be presented if requested).
  • Media delegates should not canvass for business for their publications (print or electronic), distribute promotional literature and sales kits, rate cards and the like. Prospecting and promoting other trade and/or consumer shows and events is also expressly forbidden. Any media delegate (hosted & non-hosted) found contravening the rules, risks having his/her badge confiscated and he/she will be barred from further participation.
  • The Media badge is not transferable.


Limitations To Media Access At TRAVEX

  • Media should not interrupt an on-going business appointment between TRAVEX Sellers and Buyers.
  • No press interviews are permitted during a Seller/Buyer appointment, unless specifically requested by either the Seller/Buyer. In such instance, prior notice must be given by the Seller/Buyer, or to the TRAVEX Secretariat, otherwise the interview will be immediately terminated.

Guidelines For All Delegates

  • Only duly registered TRAVEX Sellers, Buyers and Media are allowed to participate in TRAVEX.
  • Admission to TRAVEX will be strictly on the basis of TRAVEX name badges.
  • All Sellers, Buyers and Media are required to wear their badges at all times, and be dressed in proper business attire in the TRAVEX area. Anyone not issued with a TRAVEX badge and/or is inappropriately attired, regardless of rank or relation to any authorized TRAVEX badge holder, will not be granted access to the TRAVEX area.

Lost/Replacement badges will be subjected to a replacement fee.

  • Minors under the age of 18 will not be allowed entry during the entire duration of TRAVEX.
  • TRAVEX Business Appointments are only between designated registered Sellers and Buyers only. No one should interrupt an on-going business appointment.

Media, Sellers/Buyers of a competing organisation, Host Committee, Official ATF delegates or any other persons are not allowed to sit in during an on-going appointment. If an outside party is present during an appointment, the Secretariat is authorised to interrupt the appointment to inquire first with the Seller and second, with the Buyer, if the presence of the outsider is necessary and/or acceptable. If either one is not agreeable to the presence of the outsider, the said outsider shall be required by the Secretariat or to leave the booth immediately.

  • TRAVEX delegates are entitled to attend all activities scheduled in the official ATF 2019 programme on the basis of name badges, with the exception of:
    – ASEAN National Tourism Organisations (NTOs) Meetings and Related Meetings
    – AAA / AHRA / FATA / ASEANTA Board of Directors Meetings
    – NTO-hosted luncheons for which only specific invitations / delegate segments are granted access
  • Specific invitations are required for access to all other events or functions in the Official ATF 2019 Programme.
  • All registered delegates and accompanying persons arriving between 14 to 15 January 2019 will be welcomed at the airport. Transfers to and from Official Hotels will be provided for arrivals between 14 to 16 January 2019 and departures from 18 to 19 January 2019.


You are eligible to be hosted if you have these following editorial responsibilities:

  • Editors
  • Journalists
  • Writers
  • Reporters
  • Other editorial representatives of bona fide leisure travel trade and tourism publishers from around the world

Note: Hosted media are required to attend key ATF 2019 media events such as the media briefings by ASEAN member states and the Tourism Ministers Press Conference.


Additional Hosting Privileges+

  • Reimbursable Economy class flight tickets (subject to a cap amount which will be advised)+
  • Complimentary accommodation+

+ Terms and Conditions apply

Submission of application is not a confirmation of hosting. All registrations are subject to the validation and approval by the TRAVEX Secretariat and Host Committee.


Stay tuned to this page for updates!